Local Dental Practices Improve
Case Acceptance and
Patient Experience with
Patient Treatment Documents

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If You're Like Most Dental Offices,
You’re Really NOT Helping Your
Patients Accept Diagnosed Treatment...


Because Patients Are Visual!
(and your Case Presentation is not!)

Because you're still using boring old black and white
treatment plans that simply list codes,
vague descriptions, and fees?

But YOUR office is way better than that, right?!

Well...It's NO wonder that national case acceptance
rates are only 27 - 34 percent!

I'm guessing that you're not dentistry
to simply give estimates on oral health care, correct?

You're in it to make a difference,
to change patients lives, aren't you?

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Want to know one of the secrets?
It's printing patient-friendly treatment documents
that are product, condition, and procedure specific.

Plus, they are branded to your practice
and personalized to your patients...
they just don’t throw them away!

Print in English or Spanish!

You can now compete with
corporate America
for your patient's discretionary funds

by promoting oral health care to
your patients and preventing
lost revenue for your practice.

Don't let your diagnosed
treatment go unscheduled!

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